Buy Duty Free

If you are travelling overseas from New Zealand and flying out of Auckland then you can also avail the option of buying the ring duty free and saving on GST.

In case you are planning to fly soon, get in touch and let our consultant know about your travel plans and they will prepare the necessary paperwork, and also waive the GST on your intended purchase.

Once the ring is completed, Nolan and Vada will send necessary paperwork to you and send the ring to the airport’s collection point for you to collect prior to boarding your flight.

Key Info:

-You can avail the option of purchasing duty free only when you are flying out/traveling outbound.

-There is a facility fee of $400.00 (exc GST) charged by the airport towards processing of duty free goods.

For more information on purchasing duty free, give us a call on 09 888 0707 or mail one of our consultant on