Zsenai & Matthew

Zsenai & Matthew

1) How did you meet and fall in love?

We met at university through a friend. Nothing particularly special at the beginning since we didn't get together until three years down the track after being great friends for ages.

We fell in love over video games. Namely how bad I (Zsenai) am at videogames and Matthew had to help me. Although the plan of using videogames as flirtation seems to have worked out alright.

2) Tell us about your proposal? 

Matthew kept the ring next to the bed in plain sight for two months, "building tension". Eventually he decided to propose with absolutely no planning whatsoever.

I had settled in to watch a movie and he came and interrupted me by taking my laptop. I was a bit annoyed until he pulled out the ring, which of course I said yes to straight away (he didn't even really get a chance to ask).

2) Tell us about your Nolan and Vada engagement ring and why you chose it? 

Three Stone Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring - Nolan and Vada

Matthew had no say in the matter really. I was super picky about what I wanted and he wanted me to have the perfect ring for me so we decided on a budget and I was able to design my own.

I just knew that I wanted a sapphire in a three stone setting. Matthew helped in the process by agreeing to things when he was supposed to agree.